B.U.M. has lowered our online off-site backup services to the lowest prices available on the Internet.

B.U.M. is pleased to present  our newly re-designed BACKUPANDMORE.COM web site. Please bear with us, as we are still in current development.

B.U.M. would like to announce we now carry a full line of tape backup devices, media and software. Check out our store for these exciting new items.

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Online backup provides an offsite and secure means to protect the most important data.

Helping Business Professionals and Home Users Protect Their Data is a leading vendor of online backup services. Our solutions provide you the reliability, security and knowledge of knowing your computer's most important data is available and safe in the event of any type of data loss event. Whether from a hardware failure, a natural disaster or from a malicious attack, we have your data safely stored off-site in a secure environment. Our easy restoration procedures ensure your data is available, anytime, from anywhere that an Internet connection exists.   

We also provide hardware solutions for on-site backup security. These include the latest state-of-the-art tape devices, media and software. From the leading manufacturers, we provide solutions for all price ranges and for each individual need.

Why are our services important you ask? Visit our learning center for the "how and why's of data loss", "the leading causes of data loss" and "the top 10 protection tips" for the safest and most secure ways of protecting yourself from the unthinkable. Milestones
 March 1st, 2004 announces it's new price schedule. Our online off-site backup services are now offered at the lowest prices available on the Internet.

October 15th, 2002 unveils its newly designed website.

 October 7th, 2002 signs a reseller agreement to carry the nations more advanced tape backup devices.
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